casual sunday with me!

Hey guys!
Today my look is more metallic with the grey shades.. Its lazy Sunday, but I'm going in to shops, so I decided to look more pretty than usually in weekends. What do you think?
Perfume is Calvin Klein <3 accessories from Fashion Zone, lipstick ArtDeco


Get ready with me!

''But it's all the same

I could have foreseen

That you would act like you are
Oh so cool you seem
Blending with that scene
Wearing what you think is hard''

Another rainy day!! Please tell me way? Today I'm going in fashion exhibition! So I decide to do pretty simple make up, and feel comfortable for this day. Good day my loves and see u soon!:))



glam november make up

Hey beautiful ladies,

this is my make up from today! I decide to look not so casual and used more shining colors for my eyes and of course red lips. What do you think about this look?

Just remember cold weather is not a problem to look more glamorous and pretty!

Love R,


rainy days #ootd

Hey loves,

today is another rainy day, but bad weather can't to stop you to wear great outfits and make up. For the autumn season I choose more darker lip colors, my foundation is actually always the same Maybelline FIT 220, for the lashes I like to use more brands, and of course I am in love with the Inglot cosmetics.
Now let's talk about the outfits. First outfit is dark blue dress with a prints and grey color sweater. With this outfit you looks really pretty and elegant. When you are wearing like this you can go in a work or maybe in some galleries or meetings.
Second outfit is more casual, this is simply black jeans and grey color high neck blouse. This looks pretty with metallic color accessories on you neck.
For all the outfit black heels is necessary!




hello november

Hey everyone!

It's november here, cold weather, sweaters and hot chocolates time.. I'm in Sweden now and the weather is almost rainy everyday.. But you always can find motivation and do more creative things in home. First I'm trying to do some fitness practises in a home, second to eat healthy food (of course I still eating chocolate:)) and the last I trying do more photos and write. I think is very important to organise your week and do plan for your day. This week I'm planning to visit some galleries and watch art exhibitions, after that I will post my opinion about what I saw there.
I am planning to visit Carl Bengtsson - Fashion Photography exhibition. Carl Bengtsson is one of Sweden's most acclaimed fashion photographers, known for its melancholic and poetic imagery.



sinking feeling #photoshoot

Hey beautiful peoples!

Last month I'm and an amazing make-up artist Pandora Makeup, organized one great photoshoot in a water. We chose one girl from Facebook to be a model of project, her name is Aušrinė. Location were near my city, beautiful lake with old boats around. The weather that day was to hot and being at water was one of the best things. When Pandora made an amazing make-up to model, we went in our location and then started a photoshoot. Everything was great: the weather, model, make-up and atmosfere. I was so happy when we done this project, because I was thinking about it last half of year. So big plus for everybody who helped for me to organized this photoshoot in water. I hope you like the photos and would be great if you tell your opinion what you think about it.

Thanks for watching.
Kisses, R.



#weekend ootd

The amazing weekend weather makes me feel alive and beautiful, so I decide to wear mini white dress with geometric brown triangle. This dress is very comfortable so you can wear it in a park or in a piknik. For shoes I'm wearing white platforms from OTRE, it's so comfortable and amazing shoes, you just can't not to love it. My bag is from Mango, the color is brown and it looks good with this mini dress. And yes.. My legs looks so long, I really like it :)) So the weekend was great, I was having good time with my friends and the weather was so warm.. Now time to do some works and we will meet soon!



nature love

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.

The beautiful spring days comes to end, and finally summer is on my way! Self-portraits is from yesterday day, the weather was so amazing and warm, so the nature looks amazing and fresh. All the colors are pretty clear and pastel, I'm love it! Good day and love for everybody..




spring is in the air

Hey beautiful people!

Today is a wonderful day of spring! Sun is up in the sky, warm wind and awakening nature. For today outfit I chose green coat. I love green color, this color is so bright and playful. This coat I bought in one shop really cheap, so I'm really happy, because the quality of fabric is really good. Also it looks really lightweight coat, but its warm.

I can't believe that spring is here, time is going so quickly. Things are changing, my home, my family, my style, my hobbies, my motivation. I'm always looking for something new, new challenges and new developments. Also, this spring, I planning to go on a trip for holidays, so now I choose which country I would like to visit. Maybe you have any suggestions?

The last months, I was very tired from all the works, I stopped doing what I really loved. I stopped to take pictures, and my new camera is sleeping for a while. So I hope this spring will bring me back to the life, to the works and will give me more inspiration. Now I'm planning some project for photo shoot, so I hope soon, I can show you guys something interesting.
See u soon.

Xx. R



Workshop with Brazzi Photostudio

Vieną sausio mėnesio savaitgalį turėjome puikų workshop'ą, kurį fotografų grupelei suorganizavo Brazzi Photostudio. Fotosesijos tema buvo skandinaviškas minimalizmas, todėl modelių stilius buvo kuriamas lengvas, be sunkių detalių ar ryškaus makiažo. Modeliai Ingrida ir Violeta puikiai atitiko pasirinktos temos įvaizdžius, merginos puikiai pozavo nemažai fotografų grupelei. Modelius fotosesijos metu rengė lietuviško dizaino drabužiai Unlabel, taip pat DISTYLED rankinės. Makiažus ir plaukus modeliams formavo nuostabi visažistė Marija Unkind. Fotosesija truko apie 4 valandas su visais pasiruošimais, pertraukėlėmis ir rezultato aptarimais. Visa komanda padarėme puikių kadrų, taip pat pasisėmėme gerų emocijų ir minčių tolimesniems projektams. 


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