spring is in the air

Hey beautiful people!

Today is a wonderful day of spring! Sun is up in the sky, warm wind and awakening nature. For today outfit I chose green coat. I love green color, this color is so bright and playful. This coat I bought in one shop really cheap, so I'm really happy, because the quality of fabric is really good. Also it looks really lightweight coat, but its warm.

I can't believe that spring is here, time is going so quickly. Things are changing, my home, my family, my style, my hobbies, my motivation. I'm always looking for something new, new challenges and new developments. Also, this spring, I planning to go on a trip for holidays, so now I choose which country I would like to visit. Maybe you have any suggestions?

The last months, I was very tired from all the works, I stopped doing what I really loved. I stopped to take pictures, and my new camera is sleeping for a while. So I hope this spring will bring me back to the life, to the works and will give me more inspiration. Now I'm planning some project for photo shoot, so I hope soon, I can show you guys something interesting.
See u soon.

Xx. R

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