sinking feeling #photoshoot

Hey beautiful peoples!

Last month I'm and an amazing make-up artist Pandora Makeup, organized one great photoshoot in a water. We chose one girl from Facebook to be a model of project, her name is Aušrinė. Location were near my city, beautiful lake with old boats around. The weather that day was to hot and being at water was one of the best things. When Pandora made an amazing make-up to model, we went in our location and then started a photoshoot. Everything was great: the weather, model, make-up and atmosfere. I was so happy when we done this project, because I was thinking about it last half of year. So big plus for everybody who helped for me to organized this photoshoot in water. I hope you like the photos and would be great if you tell your opinion what you think about it.

Thanks for watching.
Kisses, R.

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